Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

KDoornbosch - samen in de plasMilk&Cookies deploys a sick children policy, which is based on the guidelines of theGemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst (municipal medical and health service). It is difficult to precisely indicate when a child is sick and should be picked up by the parents. When making a judgement, we will always observe the wellbeing of your child. When a child does not feel well and needs extra attention, it should actually be at home. When a child becomes ill during his or her stay at Milk&Cookies, we will get in touch with the parents and ask them to pick up the child.

In all this, we have to deal with various interests, both of the children and the parents, and the circumstances in which the educational staff members have to work. Together with you, we will make a careful consideration involving all these interests.