Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

jelly vuur 115Milk&Cookies only works with the best possible educational staff members. Of course, a recognized and relevant certificate is a precondition, but for us that is not sufficient. During an extensive selection procedure, our future staff members have to demonstrate that they agree to the Milk&Cookiesconcept and will be able to implement our high quality demands.

We work with staff members who dedicate themselves with heart and soul to the safety and development of your child. Staff members who can sense that your baby feels insecure, and with whom every child spontaneously feels at ease. Who are also aware of the latest developments concerning educational policy, and who are always willing to share their knowledge with you, and to listen to your questions and wishes. Staff members who can play peek-a-boo, but who also know how to help a toddler to optimally develop his or her potential.

In short: Milk&Cookies only works with staff members who are both ‘lovable leaders’ and professional in childcare. Previous experiences with (exclusive) childcare and a higher education, both form a preference. Moreover, we only work with staff members who can communicate with you bilingually (Dutch and English)