Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

2014-04-01 11.01.47The first days at a childcare centre always form an intense experience, both for the child and the parent. We therefore feel that it is of major importance to pay extra attention to both. This is why we have established a familiarization period during which we allow the children and their parents to become familiar with Milk&Cookies.

During this familiarization period, children and parents will become thoroughly acquainted with their new environment, the group room, the educational staff members and the other children. During this period, you can have an intensive consultation with the group’s educational staff members. By consulting a lot and telling a lot about the care you offer your child at home, we can attune your child’s feeding schedule, sleeping pattern, and individual attention at Milk&Cookies. In doing so, Milk&Cookies will rapidly become a familiar place, and both you and your child will properly get to know the educational staff members and the other group members.

During the beginning of the familiarization period, you will also play a part in your child’s care at Milk&Cookies. Gradually, the educational staff members will fully take over the care. During the familiarization period, you can not only view how your child slowly but surely becomes at ease, you can also personally observe what the daily programme is like, and how the staff members handle your children. To allow your child to get used to Milk&Cookies gradually, the first familiarization days will only form part of a full day care. In this way, your child can observe and deal with all the new impressions at ease and in his/her own tempo.

At least two weeks before your child comes to Milk&Cookies, you will have an introductory interview. During this interview we will make agreements about the implementation of the familiarization period. Together with the educational staff member, you can decide yourself when your child will come to familiarize; this will become the familiarization scheme. When determining this scheme, your child’s wellbeing is the main focus. Obviously, we will also take good notice of your wishes in doing so.

In principle, the familiarization period starts on the contract date. If possible and feasible within the group, the familiarization period can also start before the contract date. The familiarization period can take a maximum of two weeks, depending on your child’s needs. Please take note of this, as it is in your child’s interest that you are present in the group during the days that your child comes to familiarize.