Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

Afbeelding 8From about the age of 3 months, your child is welcome at one of our baby groups. Each baby starting at a baby group will not be older than 9 months. Thus the babies in a particular group will never differ more than six months in age, so that they will be about the same age when they are ready for the transition to a toddler group. The baby groups each have, unlike the toddler and preschooler groups, two rooms at their disposal so the educational staff members can choose whether they stay together in one room or, to provide more rest and to prevent too much incentives on certain moments of the day, use both rooms.

Our baby groups are small, as they have a maximum of nine babies, to guarantee the necessary personal attention and care. In addition, there will be one place in each group that will not be allocated permanently. This place serves to make it possible for you to have a day extra care or exchange days. When the children are about one year old and if the structure of the groups allows it, a tenth baby could possibly be admitted to the group permanently. The flexible place for exchange/extra days will remain unchanged.

At the baby group your child will have his/her first experience at Milk&Cookies. This will be preceded by an extensive familiarization period, during which your child has been able to become attached to the fixed educational staff member, before the actual childcare starts. The babies will receive the full attention of the educational staff members. They respond to the individual needs of each child, so that they feel safe and will be offered precisely those challenges needed to develop optimally. You can find more information about the staffing under the heading ‘Educational staff members’