Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

The use of medication always falls under the parents’ responsibility. Should the administering of medication be necessary for a period of time, we will examine, in consultation with the business manager and the educational staff member, whether this can practically be implemented and whether this is possible in relation to the care and contact with the other children in the group.

Medicines that are prescribed by the family doctor or specialist in the child’s name can be administered at Milk&Cookies. We will only do this when:

  • The parent signs a medication statement.
  • The parent provides the instruction leaflet, and, preferably, the original packing, as regards to information about the medication.
  • The parent gives clear information about why, what time and how the medication should be given.
  • The medication has to be administered more than twice a day or at a specific time.
  • The medication has to be administered in case of aggravation of the complaints or an attack, such as a shortness of breath or epilepsy.
  • The medicines are described, such as asthma medication and insulin.
  • The parent has to undersign a medication statement.
  • A homoeopathic remedy which is prescribed by the family doctor in the child’s name will be administered by us according to the instructions.

It is not allowed to give the medication of a brother or sister, even when the same illness is concerned. We will not administer paracetamol when a child has a fever and the cause is not obvious. To gain a proper idea about the child’s condition, and to be able to judge whether it is safe to keep your child at the day-care, the body temperature is a major criterion. However, when the cause of the fever is obvious, for instance as a reaction to a vaccination, you can give your child paracetamol or ask the educational staff members to administer paracetamol, after completing a medication statement.

When a parent wants us to administer a homoeopathic remedy, the following will be our procedure:

A homoeopathic remedy which is acquired by the parents themselves will be administered by us at the parents’ request, but only when the packing with instructions has been provided. When no improvement sets in after the use of the contents of one packing, we will advise the parents to ask for professional medical advice and will stop administering this remedy. If the same complaints keep reoccurring, we will also advise the parents to consult their doctor.