Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

As a preschooler of about 3 years old, your child will remain in the same group of children, so the maximum number of children in the group will still be 10. In this group, we will again leave open one place to make it possible for you to have incidental care (exchange day/extra day care). Together with at least two permanent educational staff members they will move up to the preschooler group in one of the two Milk&Cookies preschooler rooms. In this room everything is equipped to optimally support and stimulate the development of this exploring age group. This group with a maximum of 10 preschoolers will also frequently undertake joint activities with the other preschooler group.

Both preschooler rooms in the premises have been equipped with different, complementary playing materials. Therefore, our staff members will stimulate the preschoolers to discover and play in both rooms, of course under supervision. We have chosen for this option as part of the ‘open door policy’, about which you can read more in our educational policy plan. The playing materials will form an extra incentive for the children to explore the other room and get in touch with the children of the other preschooler group. In doing so, they will playfully become used to starting activities and functioning in larger groups, as this is what they will experience when they go to primary school.

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