Kinderdagverblijf Milk&Cookies in Den Haag - Puur voor kinderen

KDoornbosch - bewateren bloemenFor many parents, a childcare centre is the daily ‘pit stop’ in an overfull programme full of work and/or other obligations. By offering the following facilities, we feel able to combine practical matters with more enjoyable things. Since you have to visit Milk&Cookies every day, you might as well enjoy some services that make your daily life more comfortable.

Extensive opening hours

Both for you and for your child, it is congenial if you do not have to hurry when bringing and picking up your child. Therefore, Milk&Cookies has extensive opening hours. We open our doors at 7.30 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

Extra (part of the) day or exchange a day? No problem!

An extra (part of the) day or an incidental exchange in day care is no problem at Milk&Cookies, as we keep one place open in every group for this purpose. Thus, you can trust us to be flexible in case you incidentally might want to bring your child on another day than your regular day(s). You can apply for an extra day or exchange day by asking at your group or our business manager.

Coffee bar

On the ground floor you can find a professional coffee bar, where you can enjoy a free coffee or tea. Take a fresh cappuccino or espresso with you to enjoy on your way to work, or sit down and relax with a coffee at Milk&Cookies. The coffee is made of fresh organic coffee beans and both coffee and tea are served in environmental friendly cups.

Children’s hairdresser

Not enough time to plan an appointment at the hairdresser for your child? Then make use of our children’s hairdresser. Every six weeks, a professional hairdresser will visit Milk&Cookies. This hairdresser will cut your child’s hair in the exact style that you want.

Children’s activities during day care

What sort of interests does your child have? The only way to find out is by offering him/her various activities. Milk&Cookies undertakes a diversity of activities with the children, starting with the youngest babies until the oldest preschoolers. Obviously, we attune all this to the possibilities and stage of development of the children, so that they will not get over-excited. Examples are: activities in the field of music, dance and yoga.

The activities have a structural character and will always be offered in a playful, appealing way. And all of this in their own, familiar group room. As a result, your child doesn’t have to get used to a new environment and can immediately and fully enjoy the activity. In addition, it saves time for you and it is less stressful for your child, if you don’t have to rush to music lesson, ballet, etc, after the hours spent at Milk&Cookies. You don’t have to pay any extra fees for these activities.

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